Supported Cameras

Supported Canon Rebel Cameras

Model (US / Europe / Asia) Part Number AC Power Adapter Model FOV
Canon T1i / 500D / Kiss X3 3818B002 ACK-E8 94.6° x 71.6°
Canon T2i / 550D / Kiss X4 4462B003 ACK-E8 93.6° x 70.7°
Canon T3 / 1100D / Kiss X50 5157B002 ACK-E10 94.0° x 70.1°
Canon T3i / 600D / Kiss X5 5169B003 ACK-E8 94.5° x 71.5°
Canon T4i / 650D / Kiss X6 6558B001 ACK-E8 94.5° x 71.5°
Canon T5 / 1200D / Kiss X70 9126B003 ACK-E10 94.5° x 71.5°
Canon T5i / 700D / Kiss X7i 859B003 ACK-E8 94.5° x 71.5°
Canon T6 / 1300D / Kiss X80 1159C003 ACK-E10 94.5° x 71.5°
Canon T6i / 750D / Kiss X8i 0591C003 ACK-E18 94.5° x 71.5°

† Field of view for the Canon 10-22mm  or 10-18mm wide angle lens set at 10mm

Supported Canon Lenses

Model Part Number Description
EF-S 18-55mm 2042B002 Usually included as a package with the body.
EF-S 10-22mm 9518A002 Wide angle lens.
EF-S 10-18mm 9519B002 Wide angle lens.
Sigma 4.5mm Fisheye Lens 486-101 Fisheye lens. Ideal for planetariums and theater domes.

Supported Logitech Cameras

Model Part Number FOV
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 960-000597 70° x 70°
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 960-000764 70° x 70°

*Up to 2 Logitech cameras can be used if calibrating on a laptop computer. If your system requires more than 2 Logitech webcams, you will need a desktop computer to calibrate your system.

Supported GigE Cameras

Model Description FOV
GigE Camera Small and discrete gigabit ethernet camera, power & data over ethernet for long cable runs and remote calibrations.
SDT Supports 2 lens options including extreme wide FOV – contact SDT to learn more
90° x 70°
110° x 90°
It is important to carefully consider the amount of cameras required for a project and their locations. The camera (or cameras) must see the entirety of the screen without obstructions. It is important to maintain good perspective of the screen for all cameras, they do not need to be placed in the design eye-point, but acute angles to the screen should be avoided. If using more than one camera their FOVs must overlap at least a 15%. Please, always verify your camera selection and placement with Scalable.