Scalable Display and Immersive Display Solutions Join Forces for I/ITSEC Show

Companies Collaborate on Multiple Immersive Training Installations throughout 2010

Scalable Display Technologies and Immersive Display Solutions, Inc. (IDSI) today announced that they will be partnering to provide complete visual systems on the I/ITSEC show floor this year, each featuring a different configuration. As one of Scalable’s premiere partners, IDSI has delivered a variety of visual systems for immersive training throughout 2010. These systems feature Scalable’s EasyBlendFX software as a key component in allowing an easily deployable and cost-effective solution with flexible hardware components. IDSI has sold upward of sixty-four channels of EasyBlendFX in 2010, marking a record year to date.

IDSI (Booth #1245) will be demonstrating three turn-key training environments all based on spherical shaped screens of varying sizes and resolutions. The three domes, which include both front and rear projection and range from 1.5 to 3 meters in diameter, will each feature a multi-projector array that will be calibrated and aligned using EasyBlendFX. IDSI will be showcasing its innovative approach to engineering and integration which utilizes custom fabrication, COTS hardware and Scalable’s software to produce high-fidelity yet budget-conscious simulation solutions.

“Immersive Display is an extremely professional organization with high-quality workmanship backed by high-quality people. We place significant value on customer satisfaction and Immersive Display upholds a similarly high standard,” said Andrew Jamison, CEO of Scalable Display Technologies. “The results have been outstanding and IDSI is one of our leading partners. Our partnership has provided the opportunity for our two companies to explore the limits of high-fidelity simulators with exceptional price/performance ratio. Immersive’ expertise combined with Scalable’s ease-of-use has allowed improved quality and lowered visual system costs for each of our customers.”

“Scalable brings MIT engineering to market in a package that is easy to use while setting the standard for geometric precision. The quality of engineering is matched only by the quality of the individuals in the company,” said George Forbes, president of Immersive Display. “Our work with Scalable during 2010 validates our belief that high-fidelity simulators can be delivered and maintained at price points that help drive adoption and expand the market.”

Scalable’s EasyBlendFX software offers the greatest level of geometric precision in the industry, making it the ideal auto-calibration technology for dome applications such as high-precision training applications. Using a patented camera-generated feedback system to calculate pixel-perfect instructions, or warp meshes, EasyBlend automatically calibrates the display and completes the task of aligning multiple projector display systems within seconds to achieve the highest quality multi-projector edge-blended images with rich and precise color.

Attendees at this week’s Interservice, Industry, Training, Education and Simulation Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, who are interested in viewing a demonstration or discussing other display configurations, are encouraged to visit the IDSI and Scalable Display booths (#1245 and #2791 respectively).