EasyBlend Software: Bridging the Gap Between Military Simulation and Collaboration Display Technologies.

Demonstrations Expand Vision for Simulation Market with Broad Array of New Display Applications

Scalable Display Technologies, the leading provider of auto-calibration software for military simulation displays, today announced they will be showing new applications for their familiar EasyBlend software at this week’s Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) taking place November 30th through December 1st in Orlando.

Scalable Display has a reputation for highly precise calibration in the MilSim market. Scalable is also an established leader in the collaboration display market. At this year’s I/ITSEC show Scalable brings together the best of each market with a number of demonstrations designed to highlight military precision for collaboration applications.

Demonstrations include:

Large Immersive Conference Room Display

A large 15′ wide, curved screen will illustrate how Scalable’s EasyBlend multi-projector calibration software can be used for high-end board.html.html rooms and visualization applications. This demo will include a video wall controller and external warping boxes in the pixel pipeline. The screen will be illuminated by two edge-blended 4,000-lumen HD projectors.

Windows® 7 Desktop Collaboration Display

Scalable Display will show its ScalableDesktop™ software, which automatically blends and warps arrays of up to six projectors into one seamless display of a Windows desktop at resolutions far exceeding HD. ScalableDesktop is widely used for collaboration in team meetings and for data analysis.

Projector Color Matching

Color matching is a common challenge with multi-projector displays. Scalable Display will demonstrate its two complementary to color calibration techniques, one to maximize “dynamic range” and the other to maximize “color uniformity”. This demonstration will be a “learning lab” designed to illustrate the benefits and trade-offs associated with these two complementary color calibration techniques and the best way to deploy these solutions.

projectiondesign™ MIPS – Automatic Camera-Based Warp and Blend Based
projectiondesign AS recently launched a new warping and blending box that is well suited for the simulation market. Scalable has taken the initiative to integrate EasyBlend with the MIPS boxes thereby bringing the ease of use of camera-based auto-calibration to these hardware boxes for situations where application independence is necessary.

Scalable’s EasyBlendFX software for curved screens offers the greatest level of geometric precision in the industry, making it the ideal auto-calibration technology for dome applications such as high-precision training applications. Using a patented camera-generated feedback system to calculate pixel-perfect instructions, or warp meshes, EasyBlend automatically calibrates the display and completes the task of aligning multiple projector display systems within seconds to achieve the highest quality multi-projector edge-blended images with rich and precise color.

“This year at the show we are bringing the best of our Professional AV experience together with our expertise in military simulation” said Andrew Jamison, CEO of Scalable Display Technologies. “Through our demonstrations at this year’s I/ITSEC, we’re able to show the unparalleled precision and flexibility of our solutions and their broad applicability in this market, from conference rooms and collaboration displays to immersive training systems and everything in between.”

Scalable is partnered with over two dozen companies on the floor at I/ITSEC 2010. For a complete listing of companies and their booth numbers, visit Booth #2791.