Leveraging Cutting Edge Display Technologies for Precision and Realism in Military Training Simulators.

Scalable Display Technologies, a leading provider of software for multi-projection display systems, together with The Whitlock Group, a leading systems integration firm, today announced the installation of a ‘Scalable-enabled,’ high-resolution ‘Business Visualization Wall’ for a leading energy company. This state-of-the-art, high resolution display is built on ScalableDesktop™ software, which automatically blends and warps the Windows desktop across three projectors to display one seamless, high-resolution desktop in a wall-sized conference room setting.

The business visualization wall uses three Christie projectors to display the seamless desktop on a large cylindrical wall. All three projectors run from a single PC, which eliminates the need for expensive, external hardware. Using Scalable Display’s software, the media wall offers a stunning, high resolution, perfectly edge-blended visual display that will be used to help a leading energy company analyze, interpret and collaborate on new energy sources, as well as view seismic, reservoir, well production, and drilling operations in real time. It may also be used for more conventional media activities like video conferencing, video playback, and remote desktop capture.

ScalableDesktop is ideal for many markets, including education, conference room and data visualization. Scalable’s Windows-based solutions empower end users to deploy automatically edge-blended and color corrected displays and open the door to the widespread use of multi-projector displays for a new class of “business visualization walls.”
“Business visualization has become a necessary tool for organizations of all kinds, and our ScalableDesktop solution is ideal for any organization looking to enhance its conference room experience with wall-sized displays at resolutions beyond HD,” said Scalable CEO Andrew Jamison. “We are excited to be broadening our reach in the visualization market and to be working with The Whitlock Group, a recognized expert in the field. Between their visualization expertise and our superior edge-blending and geometric distortion correction capabilities, we’re enabling a whole new category of ‘Business Visualization Walls,’ which we see as a must-have for today’s advanced visualization applications.”

“As a highly regarded systems integration and services organization, The Whitlock Group provides state-of-the-art systems that are tailored to each customer’s precise needs and applications. Therefore, we put great effort into selecting best-in-class solutions,” said Chris Lawson, account executive at The Whitlock Group. “In every respect, we’ve found Scalable’s software to be extremely reliable and user-friendly, which makes servicing the system and delivering on our guaranteed response times much easier.”

  1. Scalable Display Technologies
  2. U.S. Marine Corps’ SAVT Program