Best New Presentation System Product

Scalable Display Technologies has been awarded with the Best New Presentation System Product, a 2011 Best of InfoComm award from rAVe Publications.

As it appears in the Best of InfoComm Awards issue of rAVe Publications: “Using a technology Scalable Display Technologies calls “EasyBlend,” the company has developed a software-based edge-blending solution that totally automates the set-up of multi-projector applications where you want to build one seamed image out of multiple projectors (any resolution and even on curved surfaces). Watch the video rAVe NOW shot at InfoComm 2011 of it being demonstrated (very cool)

Scalable Display Manager software, with EasyBlend™ technology, is an add-on for the Multi Image Processors. Using a patented camera-generated feedback system to calculate pixel-perfect instructions, or warp meshes, Scalable Display Manager brings automation to the difficult task of aligning multi-projector display systems. Using a camera based solution allows customers to achieve the highest quality blended images with precise alignment and blends.

“We thank rAVe for this recognition and express our gratitude to all of our partners who did a wonderful job of representing our solution at the show.” said Andrew W. Jamison CEO, Scalable Display. “Our customers appreciate how scaling the resolution of the display in group meetings equates to scaling productivity of the group and that is what is driving our rapid growth.”

The rAVe awards, sponsored by rAVe Publications identify the best of the industry at the annual InfoComm show that this year took place in Orlando, FL with over 950 exhibitors.