Record-breaking Q3 Sales for Scalable Display Technologies

Volume Orders from Top Integrators Signify Growing Market Demand

Three Leading Integrators Place Volume Orders to Meet Growing Demand from Military and Commercial Customers

Scalable Display Technologies, a leading provider of software for multi-projector display systems, today announced record sales for the third quarter, driven by increasing demand for high-resolution displays in a variety of markets.

Scalable Display’s patented software, EasyBlend™, simplifies and automates the creation of seamless, ultra high-resolution displays. EasyBlend enables users to automatically align, edge-blend and color-match multi-projector displays on screens of any size or geometry, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Three leading integrators placed volume orders for Scalable Display’s EasyBlend during the quarter, including Immersive Display Solutions (IDSI), a provider of turnkey immersive simulators for military and commercial applications; BOI Solutions, a provider of visualization and meeting collaboration services and products; and VDC Display Systems, which specializes in the design and manufacture of projector systems for the simulation and training community. Video Display Corporation’s (NASDAQ:VIDE order represented the largest channel order for the military market in Scalable Display’s history.

IDSI will incorporate EasyBlend into the turn-key immersive simulators that it is developing for its growing base of military and commercial customers. “Demand for our solutions has been increasing, thanks in part to Scalable’s enabling technology,” said George Forbes, founder and president of IDSI. “Scalable is an important and valued partner, and we look forward to working with them to help our customers achieve their simulation, training and visualization objectives.”

BOI Solutions will use EasyBlend to perform edge-blending and color-correcting of the large-scale visual display systems it is installing at Procter & Gamble’s corporate headquarters. These data visualization displays will enable company executives to run various software applications across multiple high-resolution projectors, thereby helping to optimize enterprise decision-making.

“Having worked with Scalable Display and its EasyBlend technology for years, we know that we are getting the highest-quality, most reliable auto-calibration solution available on the market,” said Bill Othick, CEO of BOI Solutions. “Our customers have been very impressed by the level of visual display quality that EasyBlend enables.”

VDC chose EasyBlend for the visual simulation system it is developing for the U.S. Marines as part of the Multipurpose Supporting Arms Trainer (MSAT) program. The strict requirements of the military call for displays of extremely high fidelity, precise geometric accuracy and perfect edge blends. EasyBlend offers the greatest level of technical precision in the industry, making it the ideal auto-calibration technology for military simulations.

“I have been in the military simulation business for many years and have never seen the degree of geometric precision and edge blends that EasyBlend achieves,” said Marcial Vidal, President of VDC Display Systems. “With EasyBlend, we far exceed stringent trainer specifications, which makes our job much easier.”

“Our dealer network and our sales continue to grow as the demand for high-resolution, multi-projector displays increases,” said Andrew Jamison, CEO of Scalable Display Technologies. “It is clear that the ease of use, quality and reliability of our technology has made it the software of choice for display system providers and integrators.”