Scalable Display Technologies to Univeli Innovate Multi-User Touch Wall at I/ITSEC ’09

Showcasing State-of-the-Art Touch Wall with Four Projectors for Crisp and Seamless Display

84″ Touch Wall with Four Projectors is Crisp and Legible

Scalable Display Technologies, a leading provider of software for multi-projector display systems, together with Miller & Associates, a leading information technology and management consulting firm, and Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), producer of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software for integrated analysis of space, defense and intelligence assets, will demonstrate a unique touch wall in Scalable’s booth, #2691, at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference (I/ITSEC) taking place in Orlando, Florida this week.

The demonstration, which is an industry first, features an interactive, multi-user touch version of AGI’s STK® mission planning and analysis software. The touch wall, built by Miller & Associates, uses Scalable Display’s EasyBlend™ software to edge blend four projectors into one pixel perfect seamless desktop.

“Our STK software offers a variety of features critical to mission planning and analysis, including real-world modeling of GPS navigation and tactical communications,” said Kevin Flood, AGI vice president of product marketing. “We believe these features, combined with touch capability, will enable an even greater representation of real-world events and simulation-based tactics experienced in the field.”

Mark Miller, managing partner of Miller & Associates, said, “Access to information is the key to the touch wall. AGI’s STK software is a data-rich application that is ideally suited to the touch user interface. Users will find that using the touch wall is as natural as gesturing while you talk.”

“The combination of powerful applications, a multi-user touch wall interface and ultra-high resolution results in a new form of display experience,” remarked Andrew Jamison, CEO Scalable Display. “We envision this demonstration as a good indicator of what will become common in the coming years.”

I/ITSEC is being held in Orlando, Florida from November 30 through December 3, 2009.

About Scalable Display

Scalable Display Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of software used to create projection-based displays with resolution far beyond HD. Scalable’s patented EasyBlend™ software enables the next generation of displays by simplifying the creation of super-resolution, multi-projector displays of the highest quality and scalable size. EasyBlend opens the door to widespread use of multi-projector edge-blended displays for a wide range of applications, including simulators based on off-the-shelf components, and supports new forms of digital signage and data visualization tools.

About AGI

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) develops physics-based commercial off-the-shelf software that computes and depicts the relationships among moving objects over time. Space, defense and intelligence professionals use it to design, model and operate Earth- and space-based systems. The software can be purchased as ready-to-use applications or development tools with flexible pricing and licensing options.

About Miller & Associates

Founded by individuals from information technology and management consulting firms, the mission of Miller & Associates is to improve the usefulness, timeliness, and flexibility of data within the organizations of their clients. The diversity of Miller & Associates allows them to accomplish their mission on a variety of different fronts. These range from management consulting engagements to information technology activities; as well as full lifecycle hardware and software development projects.