Experience the Future of Projector Alignment with Scalable Display Technologies’ Fully Automatic Solution, Featured at InfoComm 2022.

Scalable Display Technologies, an industry-leading application provider that automatically calibrates the color, intensity and geometry of images from multiple projectors, will showcase groundbreaking software that automatically calibrates multiple projectors, resulting in a single, seamless digital display at InfoComm 2022.

During InfoComm 2022, Scalable will feature their fully automatic projector alignment software. The marketplace for display calibration is becoming increasingly crowded with semi-automatic capabilities and complex manual interfaces that yield inconsistent results. This year, Scalable will demonstrate its software’s remarkable speed and accuracy. With Scalable, any surface can be aligned with practically zero user intervention to create a truly automatic solution. Scalable can improve the accuracy of a display’s geometry, color and screen alignment while reducing maintenance. Scalable will host an interactive demonstration by physically moving screens, projectors and calibration cameras to allow attendees to experience Scalable’s simplified recalibration with the press of a button.

“We invite InfoComm attendees to experience first-hand the power of Scalable’s automation technology,” said James Pietsch, director of global accounts for Scalable Display Technologies. “Our technology is a software solution that seamlessly integrates cameras to reconstruct any screen and map content pixels into virtually any content pipeline. We will showcase the power of our reconfiguration and realignment in just seconds.”

Founded in 2004, Scalable is a global company with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Shanghai, China and Sileby, United Kingdom. Scalable’s proprietary technology was developed in the 1990s at MIT by Dr. Rajeev Surati and Dr. Tom Knight. The company has acquired 12 patents relating to edge blending, warping and color-calibration technology. Today, the technology is utilized by partners and customers in a wide range of markets, including simulation, training, professional AV and visualization.

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