Explore the Synergy between Scalable Display Technologies and Q4 Services in Delivering Cutting-Edge Visual Display Solutions through their Teaming Agreement.

Scalable Display Technologies, an industry-leading application provider that automatically calibrates the color, intensity and geometry of images from multiple projectors, announces a teaming agreement with Q4 Services, an independent manufacturer and provider of innovative visual display systems for the global flight simulation and training industry. Scalable has worked closely with Q4 Services to develop a new collimated screens panel to calibrate even the most demanding displays.

Traditional mirror-based collimated displays present several challenges for an automated alignment system. This can be exacerbated when the collimating mirror is stretched mylar instead of glass. Collimated displays present a unique set of challenges for calibration, which requires a tailored solution. Scalable has developed core algorithmic improvements to resolve these highly challenging screen types. Scalable worked closely with Q4 Services, an industry expert with domain knowledge in collimated simulators, to ensure a solution that would meet and exceed expectations.

In a collimated system, the viewer looks at a volumetric mirror reflecting the projected image on a screen above or below the viewer. Scalable can now account for variable mirror distortion and multiple eye-points. The solution provides a simplified interface to address chin windows and other integrated control displays. Scalable’s technology eliminates the time and resources necessary to calibrate multiple projectors manually and can achieve much higher accuracy specifications. Scalable’s patented algorithms are capable of sub-pixel blend registration and sub-degree geometric uniformity. Utilizing fix-mounted cameras, Scalable’s technology ensures that the system is always ready for use at the highest threshold of quality.

Q4 provides product support for all major OEM’s for both military and commercial markets. Q4 Services has implemented Scalable’s auto-calibration technology to simplify their setup and reduce maintenance in their world-class collimated visual displays, including their DirectVue Direct Projection Dome. Q4 Services’ DirectVue is a continuous, spherical rigid display that provides a high-quality, immersive training environment for the aviation industry.

Scalable Display Technologies and Q4 Services will demonstrate their joint collaboration during World Aviation and Training Summit (WATS) 2022 from May 3–5, 2022 at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. Attendees can experience a live calibration of Scalable’s technology on Q4 Services’ DirectVue and a collimated mirror system at Q4 Services’ global headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

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