scalable-at-infocommScalable Display Technologies, the leading provider of software for multi-projector display systems, today announced that ScalableDesktop will be featured on eight partner displays on the floor.This widespread adoption of Scalable software for immersive displays is fueling Scalable’s growth.

Scalable has OEM and marketing partnerships with many top tier projector brands, component suppliers and integrators.  A partial list of partners showing Scalable’s auto-calibration at InfoComm this year include: Anoto , Da-Lite, NEC, Ricoh, Sony and Vivitek.

Playback of the large volume of content pixels required for immersive displays requires special knowledge and experience.  And, it requires the sophisticated collaboration of many vendors to yield the desired results.  Scalable is fortunate to have developed a worldwide network of hardware and systems integration partners to deliver “best in class” immersive displays.  The “knowledgebase” helps facilitate the assembly of components to create robust solutions as quickly as possible.

The advent of GPU-based warp and blend has also helped to catalyze market growth.  Scalable took an early leadership role in the development of standard interfaces for porting warp and blend information between devices.  As a result, Scalable is honored that leading industry content playback vendors have chosen to make provision for the Scalable Mesh File in their offerings, thus helping to break the display pipeline bottleneck.

The market for Scalable’s software is maturing quickly and is fueled by investments in Virtual Reality.  “Immersive experiences in eyewear or HMDs is driving the interest to expand the experience beyond the individual to a group level experiential entertainment” said Andrew W. Jamison, CEO of Scalable Display Technologies.  “Scalable is the leading provider of software for creation and management of seamless immersive displays that can support this market desire and InfoComm is an ideal venue to see it in action.”

In addition, Scalable is offering a limited time promotion of a Surface 3 tablet with all orders placed using a special InfoComm promotional code.  Customers are encouraged to come by the booth to receive the code.

About Scalable Display Technologies

Scalable Display Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of auto-calibration software used to create scalable immersive displays. Its patented software, developed a decade ago at MIT, simplifies the creation of super-resolution, multi-projector displays of the highest quality and scalable size.  The Scalable software opens the door to widespread use of multi-projector displays for a new class of simulators based on off-the-shelf components, as well as supporting new forms of immersive displays for group viewing of Virtual Reality (VR). For more information, go to