Focusing on Core Expertise Through a Strategic Business Sale


Transaction broadens addressable markets for HuddlewallTM collaboration display.

Scalable Display Technologies, the industry-leading software provider for multi-projector display systems, today announced its sale of the HuddlewallTM collaboration display business to Sweden-based Hoylu AB. Included in the transaction is a 4-person sales and support team based in Pembroke, Mass., USA.

Scalable’s Huddlewall business grew out of the idea that Scalable edge blending software could be combined with industry-standard projectors and pen-based user interfaces, to create electronic collaboration environments of virtually any size. The resulting system, called Huddlewall, quickly became a substantial business unit. Hoylu AB’s purchase of this growing business strategically complements its market position as a worldwide provider of advanced productivity and collaboration tools.

Following the transaction, former Scalable CEO Andrew Jamison will assume the role of vice president of U.S. sales at Hoylu.

About Scalable Display Technologies

Scalable Display Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of software and services to enable multi-projector display systems. Scalable’s patented edge-blending software, originally developed at MIT, simplifies the creation of super-resolution, multi-projector displays of the highest quality and scalable size. Scalable software has been widely adopted as a key part of the world’s most advanced flight simulators, museum and planetarium exhibits, and theme park attractions. For more information visit

About Hoylu

Hoylu AB delivers solutions for presentation, ideation and collaboration that focus on enhancing the user experience. The company’s main area of interest is software for Creative Collaboration, combined with intuitive input and display technologies. This includes technologies for remote collaboration, Internet of Things and for connecting workspaces in different locations together, with the objective of simplifying work processes while improving productivity and creativity. For more information: or visit Download this press release (pdf)