Transforming Retail Spaces with Innovative Display Solutions.

projection wall dynamic retail experience at cannabis storefrontIn 2018, Massachusetts voted to legalize the recreational and medical use of cannabis. Today, the state’s cannabis industry is bigger than ever, with cumulative recreational sales soaring toward $4 billion. The legal cannabis industry in Massachusetts includes over 400 recreational and 90 medical licensees, employing more than 30,000 registered agents across the state.

Headquartered in Norton, Massachusetts, CANA Craft Cannabis is the latest retailer to introduce a multi-location craft cannabis storefront. As an adult-use, recreational retailer, the company partners with passionate producers to bring the largest selection and value of curated, high-quality cannabis to its customers.

Andre Arzumanyan, founder and president of CANA, opened the first location in the Summer of 2022, with two additional dispensaries slated to open in Spring 2023. CANA’s brand-new, state-of-the-art facility is a bright and welcoming place for anyone over the age of 21 to purchase cannabis.

“We’ve combined our background in the software and cannabis industries to create a unique customer experience,” noted Arzumanyan. “In designing CANA, we wanted to focus on the details. The customer experience combines personal interaction with informed, experienced and friendly staff, and the environment. We’ve invested a lot in our storefront’s interior design and aesthetics and we wanted to emphasize the sales counter and create a compelling use for the space.”

Arzumanyan added, “In the process, I had decided to incorporate a dynamic element. I had performed extensive research and surveying in the retail landscape, ranging from big box to boutique retail, and I utilized my findings to design the retail concept for CANA. I wanted a digital canvas as the main focal point behind the sales counter, but I needed a flexible solution that allowed me to change content with seasons and trends easily. Many of our competitors have a static design, whether shelving or canvas. I wanted to incorporate something dynamic, interesting and fresh.”

Many retailers, like CANA, are embracing technology to create a more efficient, personalized and future-proof commerce experience. The concepts and digital technologies connecting consumers to retailers must embrace new touchpoints, channels and expectations in an ever-changing demand for a customized user experience.

“Originally, I considered sourcing LED displays,” said Arzumanyan. “I looked at creating a video wall with multiple small bezel displays. Finally, I realized the displays would be challenging with maintenance and power, so I pivoted to ultra-short throw projectors. I started exploring the technology and functionality required to merge three projectors into a cohesive image. I found Scalable Display Technologies as a solution to warp and blend multiple projectors automatically.”

Scalable produces groundbreaking software that automatically calibrates images’ color, intensity and geometry from multiple projectors, resulting in a single, seamless digital display. Ideal for virtually any application, Scalable’s software works on flat, curved domes and custom screen shapes. There are no limits to the size or resolution of displays created utilizing Scalable’s software technology.

“I had considered a few hardware-based options, but a software-based approach seemed more practical and elegant,” said Arzumanyan. “I integrated Scalable’s technology to blend three projectors across a 28-foot by 7-foot wall. It was my first time integrating technology like Scalable, and their customer support was incredibly helpful for a first-time user. Sam rolled up his sleeves to help us calibrate the system for the first time. He was creative with some of our requests as an early-stage startup. We had a terrific experience. The result was successful at all levels. The content is dynamic, short-form videos, like waves crashing, to create a unique experience that evokes emotion.”

CANA’s dynamic digital canvas empowers the flexibility to try out new interactive experiences and see what resonates with shoppers. The adaptable solution enables CANA to host a unique experience based on trends, seasons or consumer preferences to create a highly personalized experience for shoppers.

“We can shift our content to meet the daily needs of the brand and the customer. It allows us to offer highly personalized experiences to each shopper. Ultimately, it’s how we want people to feel while shopping with us. We want to create an experience. Often, the dynamic display is the first thing customers notice when they walk into CANA. It resonates with them.”

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