Enhancing Training and Safety through Cutting-Edge Visual Solutions.

maritime simulatorElectric Picture Display Systems provides state-of-the-art simulation-training technology for watercraft operators and engineers, marine deck and engineering officers, cargo handlers, and operations crew members. With the latest simulation technology, it’s no longer necessary to launch vessels from the dock to provide hands-on watercraft training for mariners. Maritime simulation offers the ability to place mariners at ports to provide real-time training before they even arrive in the area. Instructors can simulate unexpected threats or technical problems to teach adaptation under challenging circumstances.

Since 2003, Electric Picture has been engineering and installing state-of-the-art projection systems for simulation, virtual reality, network operations centers, corporations, government and religious organizations. “Although we work on a variety of commercial simulation projects, the majority of our business is in maritime simulation,” said R.P. Higgins, president of Electric Picture. “Recently, we completed simulation projects for the Seafarers International Union in Piney Point, Maryland, and the STAR Center for the American Maritime Officers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We’re in the midst of a unique project for the Panama Canal Authority, which will be completed later this year. Our projects range from small installations, such as laboratories, to complex projects with multiple screens, each up to 11 channels, which we integrated at Naval Bases in San Diego and Mayport, FL.”

Depending upon the visual requirements, Electric Picture integrates a mix of cylindrical and spherical simulator displays. The design of the simulation requires Electric Picture to integrate an edge-blending solution. Since 2012, Electric Picture has been working with Scalable Display Technologies, a groundbreaking software that automatically calibrates multiple projectors.

“Scalable is our go-to solution for edge-blending and warping because of the reliability and customer support,” explained Higgins. “Scalable does not require any third-party hardware. Other manufacturers create blend and warp hardware boxes, and although that has declined in recent years, we prefer Scalable because their software solution connects directly to the graphics card. It only requires a few lines of code to run the software on the content production. It streamlines the technology for our team and our end users.”

Scalable’s software automatically blends and warps multiple projectors into a single seamless display. It allows Electric Picture to reduce installation time, also providing a cost-effective solution. “Scalable’s blend zones are unparalleled,” Higgins continued. “Prior to working with Scalable, we had worked with other companies to blend and warp. Scalable’s multi-channel image is completely seamless. It is painstakingly difficult to blend by hand. We have done it, and it takes forever. With Scalable, the cameras do this automatically within minutes. This is something that used to take hours to blend an image line by line and point by point. Scalable is unique because it can take the information and process it to clean up the image. It’s the image quality of the multi-channel display that separates Scalable from the competitors. The geometric accuracy meets the most stringent tolerances for training and blend zones are undetectable – creating an immersive environment and thus enhancing the effectiveness of the training.”

Higgins added, “Scalable’s customer service is first-rate. Response is critical and they move heaven and earth to support their customers. We typically bring one of their technicians on-site for our larger installations, because the scope of these projects is massive. We have one project in San Diego with 75 projectors. It’s an enormous undertaking and it requires a lot of blending and warping. We know that their technicians will ensure the project is completed seamlessly and beautifully. We also incorporate one or two days of training with Scalable’s technicians and the facilities manager. This ensures we have a smooth trade-off of technology. Scalable has significantly improved their software over the last two years making it more user-friendly.

A proven provider of simulation technology, Electric Picture is continuously integrating cutting-edge technology to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term client relationships. Electric Picture has a long-standing relationship with Scalable because of their investment in design and innovation. “Scalable is at the forefront of simulation technology,” said Higgins. “Their technology is incredibly interesting. Until we have affordable LEDs that can curve or fit a spherical design, simulators will still rely on projection display. Many companies have transitioned their focus away from projection, but Scalable Display continues to invest in the technology, and they have become a leader in projection edge-blending and warping technology.”

Scalable Display Technologies produces groundbreaking software that automatically calibrates the color, intensity and geometry of images from multiple projectors — resulting in a single, seamless digital display. With Scalable, there are no limits to the size or the resolution of the displays, and images can be created using software tools.

About Scalable Display Technologies
Scalable Display Technologies produces groundbreaking software that automatically calibrates the color, intensity and geometry of images from multiple projectors — creating a single, seamless digital display. Scalable’s industry-leading applications, utilizing machine-vision algorithms, create a simple and cost-effective solution for brilliant, high-resolution displays on screens of unlimited geometry and size. Founded in 2004, Scalable is now utilized by partners and customers in a wide range of markets, including simulation, training, professional AV and visualization. Scalable, available from a network of partners who sell and install software, is recognized as a worldwide leader in projector edge-blending. For more information, please visit scalabledisplay.com.