Introducing Automatic Camera-Based Projection Mapping.Projector mapped castle

Scalable Display Technologies, an industry-leading application provider who automatically calibrates the color, intensity and geometry of images from multiple projectors, announces Scalable Atlas, an automatic camera-based projector mapping software designed to seamlessly align the images of multiple projects on complex objects or surfaces.

Scalable Atlas is an evolution of Scalable’s standard software applications designed for domes and curves. Scalable has acquired 12 patents relating to edge blending, warping and color-calibration technology. Today, the technology is utilized by partners and customers in a wide range of markets, including simulation, military training, professional AV and visualization. Atlas simplifies complex projection mapping applications by leveraging Scalable’s camera-based calibration process. Atlas eliminates manual calibration, a process that would typically take days, and creates an automated solution for projection mapping.

“Our traditional software applications are designed for edge-blending on professional AV screens with smooth curves. Scalable Atlas is an evolution of our edge-blending and projector calibration technology,” said James T. Pietsch, director, global accounts for Scalable Display Technologies. “Atlas is designed to simplify projection mapping on unique surfaces by creating an automatic solution to solve image alignment on high-end, intricate objects. We created Atlas to align with our customers’ growing needs. It’s important to us that we provide our customers with reliable and relevant technology.”

Atlas streamlines projection mapping and edge-blending on complex, intricate surfaces. Designed for theme parks, art installations, museums and attractions, customer engagement centers and events staging, Atlas is designed to achieve high-quality, repeatable results. With Scalable’s one-touch calibration, the display can easily be recalibrated to guarantee the highest-quality pixel performance. Additionally, Scalable has developed a unique algorithm that is able to calculate complex blends, compensating for shadows, occlusions and steep, oblique or variable projector angles on nearly any object. ATLAS is also integrated with MPCDI and Scalable’s SDK to create a simplified plug-and-play solution for media servers and playbacks. Atlas is integrated with MPCDI and Scalable’s SDK to create a simplified plug-and-play solution for media servers and playback systems.

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