Elevating the Planetarium Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology

Seamless dome projectionMinnesota’s Bell Museum recently opened the Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Planetarium after a $79 million renovation of the facility. One of the highlights of the renovation is a 16 meter, 120 seat planetarium, lit up by Digital Projection Insight Dual Laser 4k projectors. Scalable partnered with Sciss to provide automatic calibration of the projection array, ensuring pixel perfect blending and warping on the dome. Scalable software offers a simple interface to maintain over 10M pixels on the dome, providing equal or less than 3 arc minutes per pixel, including the ability to adjust intensity, color and black levels. The calibration time is under 5 minutes for re-alignment of the dome, making Scalable a great fit to ensure longevity of the display, maintaining very high accuracy and visual quality far into the future.

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Scalable Display Technologies is the market leader in automatic, camera-based projection software, specialized in dome projection, curved screens and simulation applications.

Sciss develops intuitive astronomy tools and systems for planetariums, science centers, museum and educational instructions all over the world.