Over more than 20 years, we at Scalable have consistently driven innovations in display technology, enabling our clients to create immersive, high-resolution displays across any screen shape, size, or surface. We remain focused on our mission of creating the best automatic alignment software in the industry, now proudly serving all branches of the armed services for simulation and training, where display accuracy is critical and system availability is paramount.

With more than two decades of relentless innovation and consistent development, we stand alone as the only company solely devoted to delivering world-class automatic alignment software to its clients. Our legacy is being etched by our commitment to excellence, echoed by the success stories of those we serve.

In the vibrant tapestry of today’s tech landscape, the question arises: “Why choose Scalable?”  So, we turned to our valued clients for the answers, letting their experiences speak for us. 

Boise interactive display

“Scalable’s one-touch calibration allows us to automate the calibration process. We schedule the calibration during downtime and eliminate the need for a human to operate and adjust the system. Before Scalable, we would manually calibrate projectors. It was incredibly tedious and time-consuming. If the projector needed maintenance, it would need to be recalibrated. Scalable allows us to automate steps and reduce the time necessary to maintain a high-level system. It lets us think on a very large scale with projection. “

Trent Hays // Technical Principal

Downstream Design + Technology

interactive immersive projection display

“Scalable’s technology is incredibly easy to use”

“I’ve worked with Scalable on many projects. When it comes to various design challenges and solutions, Scalable is always able to meet the challenge and provide us with a professional, reliable solution. Scalable’s technology is incredibly easy to use. Scalable enabled us to seamlessly blend the images between the projectors. It also allowed us to pinpoint the edges to accomplish the design our clients wanted…the client is thrilled with the overall result”

Garett Widmaier // Operations Manager

AV Innovative Design

“Scalable’s technology is painless. It would typically require a day and a half to calibrate our projectors, but, with Scalable’s technology, we’ve reduced our time to an hour. Scalable has turned a complex challenge into a solution that does not require specialized training to install and calibrate. From my point of view, Scalable has been a lifesaver for us.”

Tom Phillips // Studio Technician


multiprojector simulator navy
multiprojector simulator navy

“The geometric accuracy meets the most stringent tolerances for training and blend zones are undetectable”

“Prior to working with Scalable, we had worked with other companies to blend and warp. Scalable’s multi-channel image is completely seamless. It is painstakingly difficult to blend by hand. We have done it, and it takes forever. With Scalable, the cameras do this automatically within minutes. It’s the image quality of the multi-channel display that separates Scalable from the competitors. The geometric accuracy meets the most stringent tolerances for training and blend zones are undetectable… Scalable is at the forefront of simulation technology… Their technology is incredibly interesting. Scalable Display continues to invest in the technology, and they have become a leader in projection edge-blending and warping technology.”

RP Higgins // President

Electric Picture Display Systems

“Scalable’s unique feature set provided us with everything we needed”

Bern University sports science - CAVE display

“Scalable checked all of our boxes. We needed to have a system that streamlined the day-to-day service operations in the CAVE, as I’m currently the only person who is maintaining, developing and managing the content. So, I have very limited time for service operations and was looking for a highly automated solution. Scalable’s unique feature set provided us with everything we needed. Their one-touch calibration is ideal for us because it significantly reduces the downtime for maintenance — and it’s often simple enough for anyone on-site to do the recalibration on their own. “

Dr. Ralf Kredel // Senior Lecturer

University of Bern

“Scalable’s technology is incredible because of the user experience. You don’t have to be a professional projectionist to utilize their software. Their optical sensors and cameras provide intricate details into the projector’s throw. Scalable automatically calibrates the projectors based on the details gathered. Scalable is easy to use and provides a high-quality edge-blending and warping solution. Scalable’s software created a seamless solution that delivered video across a peripheral 180-space projection screen.”

Shawn O’Brien // Creative Technologist

Dot2Dot Communications, Inc

“Scalabe’s recalibration enables the on-site technician to simply push a button and calibrate”

“Scalable’s one-touch recalibration was very important to us…We integrated over 40 projectors – with each mounted in different ways. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to fix them in place. The projectors shift and move. Even as the building changes temperature, the projectors begin to drift. Scalable’s recalibration enables the on-site technician to simply push a button and calibrate the projectors with millimeter precision. It was essential to the success of this installation”

Doug Fortney // CEO

Zenith Systems LLC

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Bern University sports science - CAVE display

Scalable Display Technologies is incredibly simple to recalibrate. Their one-touch calibration is ideal for our clients because, should an error occur, it significantly reduces the downtime — and it’s often simple enough for our client to do on their own. For example, if a bulb needs to be changed in a projector, there’s a theoretical chance that the projector will be moved, even if the projector is only adjusted one millimeter, it will dramatically affect the projection blending. With Scalable Display Technologies’ one-touch calibration, our clients can easily recalibrate the system 

Dick van der Kolk // Senior Product & Support Manager

Motek Medical B.V.

“Scalable Display Manager has allowed us to reduce our calibration to only a few hours. Previously, manually calibrating a simulator would take several days to a week. Scalable’s technology is very straightforward, the entire system is very low maintenance. Today, if anything happens with the simulator, we can log in remotely to perform the recalibration. It has allowed us to reduce installation time, eliminate on-site maintenance, and reduce system downtime.”

Enrique De La Torre // Director of Engineering R&D


Immersive multi projector experience at Ceide FIelds
Immersive multi projection space

“Their team is the real selling point for Scalable Display”

“While the software that Scalable has developed is exceptional at what it does, their team is the real selling point for Scalable Display, which you don’t know about from researching a product. At the end of the day, projects are done by people rather than by software or technology. It has been a long time since I have worked with a team like Scalable. They were engaged in the project and accommodating to support project needs. We worked across different time zones with complex remote access infrastructure. Yet, we made it work, and Scalable’s team was always responsive to requests for support and design discussions throughout the project”

John Hughes // Managing Director

Rockbrook Audio Visual

We can recreate the traditional immersive media experience at nearly a tenth of the cost of a traditional solution. We also have the added benefit of being able to readily move so we can maintain the flexibility of the space. We’ve been working with Scalable throughout the last 20 years. We are involved in dome projection and building projection, which is how we were originally introduced to Scalable…Scalable provides opportunities, in particular for schools and independent productions, to work with immersive media technology. They can incorporate the software implications and toolsets identical to feature film-grade LED walls, motion capture and camera tracking. It’s the same technology as a large production but at a more accessible price point.”

Nicholas Jushchyshyn// Program Director of VR and Immersive Media

Drexel University

Scalable provides us with quality service and support, especially as we’re installing it in the field. Their detailed understanding of the technical challenges in the projection field is unparalleled. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience, not just about their solutions, but also the requirements and capabilities of projects like ours. It’s beneficial for us. They’re willing to go above and beyond. I’ve often told folks in the AV industry that in terms of customer support, Scalable is hands-down the best customer support I’ve received from any manufacturer in the industry.

Trent Hays // Technical Principal

Downstream Design + Technology

“Hands-down the best customer support I’ve received from any manufacturer in the industry”

immersive theater multi projection

“It’s the easiest experience I’ve had with warping and blending on a complicated screen

Scalable eliminated many of the typical projection mapping challenges by allowing us to import 3D models of our theater screen and easily calibrate the projectors. With Scalable, we can utilize a 3D model to define the theater shape and guide the warping and blending. Their camera-based automatic warping and blending is incredible. I was skeptical at first, but the technology is truly impressive. It’s the easiest experience I’ve had with warping and blending on a complicated screen. Everyone that has seen the capabilities has been blown away. We’re all very excited about it. The results are great. We have a few groups of clients to whom we’ve presented it, and it’s been awesome. It’s a very noticeable difference from the previous software.

Brandon Wood // Director of Engineering R&D

Dimensional Innovations

“I had considered a few hardware-based options, but a software-based approach seemed more practical and elegant…I integrated Scalable’s technology to blend three projectors across a 28-foot by 7-foot wall. It was my first time integrating technology like Scalable, and their customer support was incredibly helpful for a first-time user..we had a terrific experience. The result was successful at all levels.”

Andre Arzumanyan // Founder and President


“Scalable’s team has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful.. It’s the best technical support that we could have received. I’m happy we selected Scalable because of the technical support we’ve received. We work with many large manufacturers and frequently get brushed off when trying to do complicated things with their products. Scalable was the opposite of that. They have been very supportive. They want to see the project succeed and they’ve committed the resources to make it happen. Overall, we accomplished the impossible with this project”

Jeremy Weatherford // Systems Integration Developer

Zenith Systems

“They want to see the project succeed and they’ve committed the resources to make it happen”

blank lab 360 degree projection AR/VR space
blank lab 360 degree projection AR/VR immersive space

“We are elated with the final result”

Scalable Display Technologies answered a unique challenge… The other vendors we were considering had completely fixed packages with controlled projectors and software. We are not a single-use case scenario. We required a solution that would flexibly support our environment. Everyone has been excited about the outcome. It’s not easy to get an opportunity to experiment with this technology. Part of it is the excitement of seeing it, and being plug-and-play without any technical experience required. We’re elated with the final result.

JR Campbell // Executive Director

Design Innovation, Kent State University

The whole exoskeleton is designed to flex and move. That’s where the system from Scalable Display Technologies works wonders and ensures each projection system looks as it did on day one.

Phil Marlowe // Managing Director

AVI-SPL Middle East

museum of the future projection blended display