Scalable Display Product Packages: Customized Visual Solutions for Every Application.

Discover Our All-Inclusive Product Package, Combining State-of-the-Art Software and Hardware Solutions to Address Your Unique Display Needs and Deliver Unmatched Visual Experiences.


Scalable PC’s are custom built rack-mountable PCs, stress-tested by the Scalable team and performance optimized for multi-display systems. Scalable PCs are customized based on the application and use-case, providing a stable turn-key offering that’s self contained for both calibration and playback. Our team has years of experience designing and validating multi-projector systems, take the guesswork out f PC performance and let Scalable certify and build the optimal machine for your system.

2. Scalable PC Mini |PRODUCT PACKAGE

The Scalable PC Mini is a compact, turnkey machine, designed for effortless creation of large format displays. Scalable PC Mini comes bundled with a permanent ScalableDesktop license, capable of supporting up to 4 projectors on flat and curved screens. The Mini is also application agnostic, providing a flexible Windows interface to run any media playback software, digital signage application, or general conference room use. For more demanding applications, see ScalablePC family above.

Intel Core i7
16GB of RAM
NVIDIA Quadro P2000
500 GB SSD


3. Scalable Display Manager & Warper4K |PRODUCT PACKAGE

Scalable Display Manager is integrated with the Westar Warper4K, a low-latency, high fidelity warping box that supports up to 5 UHD projectors per device. The Warper4K allows Scalable customers to apply the Scalable Mesh Files independent of the source or projectors being used, resulting in a completely agnostic solution to fit within any application pipeline.


DisplayPort 1.2

Standard Resolutions

Up to 2560×1600 at 120Hz, 4096×2400 at 60Hz


USB 2.0 Ethernet (10/100)


1msec built-in delay, plus additional delay based on vertical warping


Compact and discrete, this Gig-E camera is perfect for meeting rooms and simulation environments. It is one of the most successful area scan cameras in its class worldwide and it is fully integrated with Scalable software.

Small, powerful, cost-effective and with ethernet interface. The camera is connected entirely over ethernet network making it easy to support long cable runs and run remote calibrations from a central calibration location.

Scalable supports 2 lens options including an extreme wide FOV.


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