Driving Simulators

High accuracy flight simulators incorporate a collimated visual system for greater immersion and realism.

Driving simulators are an essential tool for improving road safety, reducing accidents and fatalities, and providing a more efficient and effective way of training drivers. They offer a realistic driving experience that can simulate a wide range of scenarios, including hazardous weather conditions, emergency situations, and various road conditions.
The use of projection in driving simulators can greatly enhance the driving experience and make the simulation more immersive. Projectors can be used to create a 360-degree view of the driving environment, giving drivers a more realistic and accurate representation of the road ahead.

Why use Scalable for Driving Simulators?

Projection-based driving simulators allow for a more immersive and realistic driving experience. Scalable’s software allows for projectors to be aligned, warped and blended on any geometry, including cylindrical and screens of any curvature.

The use of curved screens in driving simulators can provide a more immersive and realistic driving experience for users. Curved screens can create a wider field of view and more realistic visual perspective, allowing users to feel like they are actually driving on a road or track. This is because the curvature of the screen can match the curvature of the human eye, creating a more natural viewing experience. 

Curved screens can also help to reduce distortion and improve visual clarity. This is because the curved shape of the screen can reduce the amount of distortion caused by the distance between the driver’s eyes and the edge of the screen.


Realistic Experience

The large projection screens provide provide a more realistic driving experience compared to other types of simulators. The wide field of view helps to create a more immersive environment.


Customizable scenarios, which can be tailored to the specific needs of the driver. This flexibility allows for more targeted training and evaluation.

Improved Learning

The realistic scenarios provided by the simulator can help drivers gain experience and develop their skills in a safe environment. 



Enhanced Safety

Projection-based driving simulators provide a safe environment for drivers to practice driving techniques and procedures.


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