State-of-the-art simulation-training technology for watercraft operators and engineers, marine deck officers, and operations crew members.


The Importance of Ship Bridge Training

Ships are a vital component of the navy, and the safety and proficiency of navy personnel on board are of the utmost importance. One of the key ways to achieve these goals is through ship bridge training.
Ship bridge training is essential for ensuring the safety of navy personnel on board ships. It enables sailors to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate and operate ships safely, even in challenging conditions. The training covers a wide range of topics, including navigation, communication, meteorology, and emergency procedures. The training also helps sailors to become proficient in the use of navigation equipment, radar, and other electronic systems, which is essential for safe and efficient ship operation.

Why use Scalable for Ships Bridge Trainers

Over the years we have successfully delivered over XXXX ships bridge trainers worldwide. The patented Scalable algorithms are capable of sub-pixel blend registration and sub-degree geometric uniformity.

Projection technology for Ships Bridge Trainers offers several benefits including realism, cost-efectiveness and flexibility.

Using Scalable you can recalibrate your system in under 2 minutes per projector. Fix-mounted cameras ensure that the system is always ready for use and pixel perfection is just one-click away.



Projection technology allows for the creation of highly realistic simulations of ship bridges and environments. This can help sailors to become familiar with the equipment and layout of the ship, as well as the different conditions they may encounter while on board.


Creating ship bridge trainers using projection technology can be more cost-effective than traditional methods. Additionally thanks to Scalable maintenance costs are also reduced.


With projection technology, trainers can create different scenarios and environments on the fly, allowing sailors to practice in a variety of conditions and situations.


Projection technology allows for multiple sailors to train together in a shared environment, which can help to improve teamwork and coordination.


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