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Introducing Scalable 8.0

New Scalable Product

Scalable Atlas, professional projection mapping software.

New 4K Warping Box Integration

Westar Warper 4K, a simulation grade warping device.

Collimation Panel

Brand new panel specific to Collimated screens .


Engage remote NVIDIA warps on remote computer startup.

Key Features

  • Atlas is a new product joining the Scalable product suite. Atlas provides powerful tools for automatic camera-based projection mapping via a simple easy-to-learn interface.
  • New 4k warping box integration - the Westar Warper 4K is a simulation grade warping device with up to five DisplayPort channels.
  • Collimation - Added a new Collimation panel to support collimated screens with the following features:
    • Simpler to use perspective tweaking interface
    • Smoother interpolation of tweaking values
    • Smooth button to smooth tweaked values
  • Added ability to engage remote NVIDIA warps on remote computer startup.

Additional Features

  • Added support for the Canon T8i camera.
  • Added support for the Basler acA4024-8gm camera.
  • Added options for generating dual frustums with a half-pixel offset to assist with IG-Pixel shift.
  • Canon T7/T7i/T8i are now supported for color calibration.
  • Coded binary calibration pattern can now be enabled on an individual projector basis.
  • The Advanced settings tab in the Data Collection panel can now be used to configure settings for the coded binary calibration pattern. Several commonly used advanced options are now exposed in this panel.
  • Added a visual indicator for which values in the Advanced tab of the Data Collection panel have been changed.
  • Added a new algorithm to compute projector blends when working with edge blend region-of-interests (ROI) masks.
  • Added calibration modes to support calibrating dual input projectors configured to support IG pixel shift without loss of brightness.
  • Added option for easier calibration of 3D dual-input projectors with NVIDIA warping.
  • Improved method for handling different resolution control monitors with NVIDIA warping.
  • Added the ability to output “simulation” profile MPCDI files.
  • Added the ability to output “shader lamps” profile MPCDI files.
  • Improved support for column-major projector ordering.
  • Screen model preview rendering now allows an image texture to be previewed on the screen surface.
  • Improved the feathering effect around the border of the final image when using Image Masking.
  • Orthographic mesh tweaker now uses a smoother interpolation scheme.

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