Scalable Display launches:
Scalable Atlas

An automatic, camera-based projection mapping application.


Automatic camera-based projection mapping.

The sky is the limit

Designed specifically for complex shapes.

Fast & efficient

Easy-to-use GUI for quick and intuitive setup.

One-click recalibration

Freshly realigned projectors one-click away.

Professional Projection Mapping

Atlas is a professional software application designed to automatically align the images of multiple projectors together on any complex object or surface. Atlas simplifies the most difficult of projection mapping scenarios by leveraging Scalable's industry-leading camera-based calibration process to eliminate the time consuming manual alignment procedures required by many other tools.

For Complex Projection Surfaces

From life-size statues to room-sized experiential environments to highly detailed theme park castles and live events, Atlas is designed to achieve high-quality, repeatable results that can be accessed on demand with a "one-click” recalibration procedure to guarantee your display is always pixel perfect.

Scalable Ecosystem

Atlas is integrated with MPCDI as well as Scalable’s SDK allowing customers to easily plug-in to any Media Server or playback system for a seamless addition to their workflow. Bring your vision to life by adding Atlas specialty mapping software to your existing toolset.

Example applications and use cases:

  • Theme Parks
  • Advanced Digital Signage
  • Art Installations
  • Museums & Attractions
  • Customer Engagement Centers
  • Events Staging

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