Scalable Display Manager
for Unreal Engine

Scalable Display Manager FREE download uses a webcam to quickly setup
and create amazing projection displays.

Leaders in Projection Display

Scalable Display Technologies is the leader in automatic camera-based projector calibration software, specializing in dome projection, curved screens and simulation applications. Scalable software allows users to combine multiple projectors into one seamless display. Scalable’s calibration data is now supported directly in UE.
Scalable Display Manager for Unreal is a watermarked version of software that allows users to get familiar with Scalable's toolset.

Create Unreal Displays

The full version of Scalable Display Manager (SDM) can calibrate an unlimited number of projectors, in any orientation, on any 3D geometry screen. By using a camera, SDM makes setup simple and straightforward, just point, and shoot and Calibrate. SDM provides an advanced UI for geometric warping, edge-blending, color calibration, brightness matching, image masking, frustum calculation and much more. With a direct connection into UE, it has never been easier for users to create an amazing real-world display that integrates seamlessly into your virtual world.

Key Features

  • Geometric Warping - warping the content pixels to match screen geometry
  • Edge Blending - providing smooth transition between projectors
  • Color Calibration - matching projector colors in RGB for imperceivable difference
  • Brightness Matching - balancing brightness for hot spot correction & image uniformity
  • Black Level Compensation - intensity uplift in the non-blend region for night time uniformity in dark environments
  • Automatic View Frustum Calculation (camera views) - optimized frustum calculation based on projector locations fed seamlessly into UE4 to setup
  • Designed for CAVEs and 3D Geometry Screens
  • Support for Head Tracking Applications
  • 60seconds per projector recalibration time


Scalable Display Manager for Unreal includes a FREE limited capability license. To upgrade to a full featured license, please contact Scalable Display Technologies

  • Up to 4 Projectors (any make/model/lens)
  • Standard Geometries (Flat, Cylinder, Extruded Curve, Dome and Toroid)
  • Up to WQXGA Resolution per projector (2560x1600)
  • Single compatible camera only
  • Watermarked for Unreal

Setup Process

  1. Install Scalable Display Manager and the Scalable DisplayClient on any remote IG / PCs connected to the projectors
  2. Setup Scalable Display Manager Software for your screen type and run a calibration
  3. Identify the resulting Scalable Mesh Files (.ol / .pol) and import through Unreal nDisplay configuration
  4. That’s All! Your display should be properly calibrated with content matching your screen - bravo!

For more information on how to set up nDisplay read the nDisplay Technology white paper by Unreal Engine.
Email to get the SDM for Unreal installer and the limited license.


  • Scalable Display Manager for Unreal is integrated in versions UE4.27.x and UE5.x
  • Windows Host PC to run the Scalable software which meets these minimum specifications
  • Supported calibration camera from this list. A Logitech Webcam is a simple place to start
  • Email to get the SDM for Unreal installer and the limited license
  • Subject to acceptance of EULA terms

Email us at to get your free SDM for Unreal limited license.