Automatic Virtual Environments

What are CAVE displays?

CAVE displays, or Cave Automatic Virtual Environment displays, are advanced visualization systems that create immersive, 3D environments for users.
With their ability to simulate virtual environments in a fully interactive way, CAVE displays are becoming increasingly popular across many industries, from architecture and engineering to healthcare and entertainment.

Why use Scalable for CAVE displays?

Our technology is perfectly suited for CAVE displays big and small. There’s no limit on the number of projectors we can warp & blend, so there’s no limit to the size of the walls for your CAVE displays. Additionally, our software can also warp & blend rear-projected walls for an even more immersive experience.

Manually aligning the projectors for a CAVE display would traditionally take many hours if not days. With our camera-based projection alignment software you can quickly calibrate your display and reduce maintenance times and costs for an always operational system.


Improved Collaboration

Contrary to head-mounted displays, CAVE displays offer improved collaboration opportunities for teams. Multiple people have access to the same 3D image in the same space, so teams can work together to solve problems and make decisions more efficiently.

Realistic Visualizations

CAVE displays offer incredibly realistic visualizations, allowing users to experience virtual environments in a way that’s much closer to the real thing. This can be incredibly helpful for architecture and engineering firms, who can use CAVE displays to design and test buildings and structures before they’re built.

Increased Productivity

With the ability to simulate real-world scenarios, CAVE displays can help businesses improve productivity and efficiency. For example, healthcare professionals can use CAVE displays to practice surgeries or medical procedures, reducing the risk of errors and improving patient outcomes.

Cost Saving

CAVE displays can also help businesses save money in the long run. By simulating scenarios and testing products in a virtual environment, businesses can identify potential issues and make adjustments before investing in expensive physical prototypes.


Driving Simulators

Projection-based driving simulators offer a realistic, cost-effective, and safe training environment.

Ships Bridge Trainers

Scalable’s software is used in maritime training simulators worldwide.

Collimated Displays

High accuracy flight simulators incorporate a collimated visual system for greater immersion and realism.

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