Collimated Displays

High accuracy flight simulators incorporate a collimated visual system for greater immersion and realism.
Collimated displays are an essential component of modern flight simulation. These displays provide pilots with a more realistic and immersive experience, allowing them to better prepare for real-world flight scenarios.
A collimated display is a system that creates a virtual image that appears to be at a distance, rather than a flat screen. This allows the pilot to see the image as if it were part of the real world, providing a more realistic and immersive experience. At Scalable we are at the forefront of the simulation displays’ technology.

Why use Scalable for Collimated Displays?

Scalable Display Manager includes a feature set specifically designed for Collimated screens that allows for perspective corrections specific to your mirrors parameters and pilots eyepoints, allowing you to quicly correct for mirror’s aberrations.

The patented Scalable algorithms are capable of sub-pixel blend registration and sub-degree geometric uniformity. Fix-mounted cameras ensure that the system is always ready for use and pixel perfection is just one-click away.

We have successfully delivered numerous collimated displays for aircrafts and helicopters and we are integrated with the most popular IGs in the market.



Improved Training

Collimated displays provide pilots with a more realistic training environment, allowing them to better prepare for real-world flight scenarios. This can lead to improved performance and safety in the cockpit.

Reduced Costs

Traditional flight simulation systems can be expensive to purchase and maintain. Collimated displays, on the other hand, are more cost-effective and require less maintenance. 

Increased Flexibility

Collimated displays can be used for a wide range of flight simulation scenarios, including both civil and military applications. This makes them a versatile solution for flight training and research. 

Enhanced Safety

Collimated displays allow pilots to safely practice emergency procedures and other critical scenarios, reducing the risk of accidents during real-world flight. 


CAVE Displays

Scalable’s technology is perfectly suited for CAVE displays big and small.

Driving Simulators

Projection-based driving simulators offer a realistic, cost-effective, and safe training environment.

Ships Bridge Trainers

Scalable’s software is used in maritime training simulators worldwide.

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