Scalable Display Manager

Scalable Display Manager (SDM) software, with EasyBlend™ technology, is our software platform most often used in more complex environments such as military simulation or high end professional AV applications where video is played across multiple PCs. Scalable Display Manager is used where the "Scalable Mesh Files" need to be distributed to multiple locations such as:
  • Image Generators (IGs)
  • Warp/blend appliances
  • Projectors with on-board warp & blend functionality
  • Nvidia Quadro 5000s located in separate PCs
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  • Automates the warp/blend set-up and maintenance process
  • Simple User Interface including help menus, tips and user preference settings
  • “One-touch” re-calibration SDK to “Scalable Enabled” applications Our OpenGL and DirectX SDKs provide a well documented method to bring applications into the multi-megapixel market.
  • Patented camera based solution supports a wide range of screen geometriesFlat, cylinder, dome sections and capped domes
  • Unlimited number of projectors and camerasThere is no theoretical limit to the number of cameras that can be used.
  • “Lightweight” Display Client is ideal for use on diskless IGsThe Our Display Client is designed for many of our mil sim customers who are now using diskless IGs. The client is available for Windows and Linux OS.
  • Pan-tilt head for DSLR camera for use on open domesThe flexibility to select a convenient camera placement has proven to be very valuable to clients
  • Support for both orthographic and perspective mesh typesPlayback solutions and IGs vary in their use of orthographic vs. perspective meshes thus we support both
  • Automatic generation of frustum informationThis rather benign feature is actually very important to those individuals who deal with view frusta
  • Dynamic EyepointThis feature is used in conjunction with a head tracking device


  • Faster set-up and re-calibrationReducing labor costs is a significant driver for our customers
  • Lower training requirement and reduced maintenance costOnce installed, Scalable's products offer the simplicity of "one-button re-calibration. Moreover, the software is intuitive and well documented such that the learning curve is very quick
  • Precise pixel alignment for consistent “mesh uniformity” and blending Our camera based calibration process along with the EasyBlend algorithms yield "military grade precision" of our mesh. We meet or exceed all military acceptance tests
  • Flexibility to place cameras as required to see screenWe have found that our flexibility of camera placement is a great convenience to customers.
Scalable Display Manager represents a significant step forward in the "ease of use" category. Users now have direct access to new tools that help get their displays looking great.

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