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Camera-based Software Warp & Blend
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Projection displays are ideal for virtually any application, from themed entertainment and immersive theaters, corporate events and conference rooms, to military-grade simulators and much more. Scalable products automatically calibrate multiple displays into one seamless image on any surface, no matter the shape, the size, or display type. There’s no limit to the resolution or scale of displays created with Scalable’s software solutions, and our auto-calibration and color-correction modules keep them looking perfect for years.

We make the impossible real!


Any screen geometry

Our software works on any flat-, curve-, dome-, or other custom-shaped  front- or rear-projection surface


Any number of projectors

There’s virtually no limit as to how many projectors we can blend into one seamless display



There are many ways to integrate Scalable’s software into your pixel pipeline, no matter the content or image generator, Scalable can work with it



Our one-touch camera-based calibration eliminates system maintenance and keeps your display looking perfect for years

Professional AV

Conference Rooms, Visualization Walls, Lobby Displays, and more. Scalable is used to deliver turn-key solutions to every type of corporate environment, including: Banks & Investment Firms, Oil & Gas, Architecture & Design, and Hospitality.

Simulation & Training

We are the leading providers of warp, blend, auto-calibration and color-correction solutions for the military and civillian simulation & training markets. Our simulation customers hold us to exacting specifications for both geometric accuracy and color, and we exceed their requirements.

Museums & Attractions

Our products are being used in unique museum displays, planetariums, theme parks, and VR experiences. Dome projection and CAVEs are just two of the unlimited screen shapes that Scalable can manage.

Our Story

Founded in 2004, and based upon technology patented in 1998 at MIT, Scalable is the creator of camera-based automatic warp and blend technology.  Scalable has continued to be the leading innovator in the multi-projector display market for almost 20 years.


Licenses sold

Years in business



What People are Saying

“The best it has looked”

“The alignment has been fabulous. Pilots have commented that it is the best the sims have looked in 6 years! Thanks!”

Air National Guard Program Manager


Nine out of ten viewers were speechless when they came out, I’d put it in a million venues, if I could. You’d hit a home run every time. Our success with Scalable speaks volumes about the product and the people.

Chief Engineer

“Really perfect”

“It is the best geometry correction that I’d ever seen in our simulator! In our geometry correction we always had a couple of issues that we could not fix, but your one is really perfect.”

Simulation Systems Integrator

“The system is magic”

“The system is magic…Having seens it before I believed it was fantastic, but Jeff is my lead visual guy and for him to be really excited is a great thing.”

Systems Integrator