Scalable Panel Assembly

Custom CAVE Displays Made Easy

Experience the power of Scalable Panel Assembly, a revolutionary software solution simplifying CAVE design, assembly, and calibration for immersive visuals in any space

For Panel-Based Displays

Scalable Panel Assembly (SPA) is a software application designed specifically for panel-based displays such as articulated screens, faceted simulators and CAVE environments.

SPA builds upon most of the features and interoperability of Scalable Display Manager and adds the flexibility to easily mix edge-butted and edge-blended displays.

Transform any Space

SPA supports a combination of single-projector and multiple-projector facets, providing a simple way to perfectly setup and align multiple projectors and panels. SPA eliminates the need for tedious mechanical adjustments of projectors and users can quickly configure and transform any space into virtual environment.

Automatic Warp & Blend

Use a camera to quickly and easily edge-blend multiple projectors and warp the content to any flat screen geometry.

Any Polygonal Flat Screen

Supports any polygonal flat screen shape, making it ideal for CAVE and WASP systems. 

Edge-Blended & Edge Butted

Mix edge-butted and edge-aligned projectors to combine an unlimited number of facets, into a single system.

Simulation Ready

Automatic calculation of view frustum and support for multiple eyepoints with over 40 IG integrations.

Dynamic Eyepoint

The perspective warp & blend is updated at every frame in real time, ideal for head-tracked applications.

3D Ready

SPA Supports both active and passive stereoscopic 3D, which make it the application of choice for 3D solutions.

Minimum Requirements for Host Machine

We recommend running Scalable Display Manager (SDM) from a separate calibration laptop or a small form-factor PC. The Host machine will need connections to your cameras, and network connections to your IGs and/or warping boxes. It is possible for SDM to run from a PC in your rack, or locally on the image generator, but it is strongly recommended that you have access to the PC (either phisically or through VNC, etc) with the ability to directly view the screen for setup purposes.

  • Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium or better (Home Basic not supported), Windows 8.1 64-bit, or Windows 10 64-bit (for Scalable 3.5 or newer).
  • 6GB of RAM or more.
  • Intel Core i5 Processor or better.
  • OpenGL 3.0 compatible graphics card or better
  • Gigabit network adapter
  • At least 25 GB of hard drive space available.
  • Laptop with backlit keyboard strongly recommended.

*If you are using Logitech cameras and a laptop to calibrate your system, you can use up to 2 Logitech cameras. If your system requires more than 2 Logitech webcams, you will need a desktop computer with independent port USB or switch to an alternate camera such as the GigE.


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