Scalable Display Technologies to support direct integration with PIXERA to create a unified solution.

Scalable Display Technologies and AV Stumpfl ‘s have collaborated to provide a full range of solutions to support seamless compatibility with Scalable’s calibration technology.

Scalable produces software that automatically calibrates images’ geometry, color, and intensity across multiple projectors, resulting in a single, seamless digital display. Designed to handle demanding applications, Scalable’s software can calibrate unlimited projectors on any screen geometry, including 360-degree screens, domes and hemispheres.

AV Stumpfl’s PIXERApixera interface platform offers a versatile feature set, including PIXERA Control, a distributed, software-based integration and show control framework that empowers users to seamlessly host new functionalities within the PIXERA media server platform and control all aspects of an extended project environment. Anything users create and integrate can be distributed across their connected systems and shared automatically. In this way, specialized planners and system integrators can freely configure and create connections between a great number of AV and media technologies easily.

“We recognize the growing popularity of PIXERA’s products across the globe,” commented Jim Laschinger, senior executive, business development for Scalable Display Technologies. “During our initial conversations, we expressed our background and success in simulation, and coupled with our deep knowledge of the pixel pipeline and 3D renderings available through PIXERA, this created a compelling opportunity for collaboration to provide users with smooth integrations.

“PIXERA’s open API allowed for the integration of our product lines. Our integration with PIXERA empowers our clients to focus on the creative aspects of their projects and eliminate the unnecessary resources required to bring immersive, creative visual environments to life.”

Scalable’s integration creates a reliable, unified solution for operating with PIXERA. The direct integration provides operators with an enhanced user experience and reduced hardware requirements. PIXERA’S implementation of the MPCDI standard was extended to ensure support for the full range of Scalable’s calibration profiles, laying the foundation for a seamless communication pipeline.