Scalable Display Manager GUIScalable Display Technologies, an industry-leading application provider that automatically calibrates images’ alignment, color, intensity and geometry from multiple projectors, announces an integration with VVVV, a versatile platform designed for creating custom media servers. As a result, Scalable Display Manager provides users with smooth integration, precise edge blending, color matching and intuitive calibration for engaging and immersive experiences – all directly within VVVV.

Scalable Display Technologies and VVVV have partnered to provide a unified, seamless integration to simplify the management of interactive media environments further. VVVV is a live-programming environment with a visual interface, engineered to streamline the process of prototyping and development. Its primary purpose is to simplify the management of expansive media environments, encompassing physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, and interactive audio and video capabilities that can engage multiple users concurrently. As a result, VVVV facilitates dynamic interactive experiences, departing from the limitations imposed by traditional timeline-based rendering found in typical media servers.

“Often, traditional media servers confine you within a predefined box, limiting flexibility,” said James Pietsch, director of global accounts for Scalable Display Technologies. “VVVV, however, offers remarkable adaptability. We are thrilled to partner with VVVV to enhance this flexibility further, providing an additional layer of versatility. The direct integration between Scalable and VVVV provides operators with a seamless, enhanced user experience for dynamic media environments.

“Projector auto-alignment and calibration is an immensely complex topic that Scalable Display Technologies simplify down to a manageable process,” explained Joreg, co-founder of VVVV. “It was a great pleasure to work with their expert team to ensure a smooth integration of the Scalable SDK in VVVV. For people creating large-scale projection-mapping projects with VVVV this is going to be a huge timesaver.”

Scalable Display Manager, available with VVVV, is the premier solution for automatic warping and edge-blending with multiple displays. Designed to handle the most demanding applications, Scalable Display Manager can calibrate unlimited projectors on any screen geometry, including 360-degree screens, domes and hemispheres. Featuring an extensive list of advanced options and enhancements, Scalable Display Manager provides a limitless, reliable software solution.

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