It’s Now Possible To Map And Project On Moving Objects In Real Time

Scalable Display Technologies, an industry-leading application provider that automatically calibrates the alignment, warp, blend, color, intensity and geometry of images from multiple projectors, announces a new Real-Time Projection Mapping API, enabling media server companies to immediately benefit from this new capability. Scalable’s new API can be leveraged to automatically calibrate a group of projectors displaying onto an intricate object that moves freely in any orientation or direction in a large 3D space, while maintaining precise content mapping at every frame. In collaboration with 7thSense, Scalable will showcase its real-time projection mapping functionality in booth 3917 at InfoComm 2023 from June 14–16, 2023, in Orlando, FL.

Scalable’s Real-Time Projection Mapping API includes new calibration elements and a streamlined connection to third-party media servers. Historically, Scalable has calibrated to a fixed screen location, but with this new capability, is able to auto-calibrate a single object at many different locations, generating a meta-calibration for the entire projected area. This new technique allows for high accuracy 3D mapping in real time as an object moves anywhere within the calibrated volume. This latest functionality from Scalable is accessible from any media server integrated with Scalable’s SDK, such as 7thSense, to deliver cutting-edge visuals for the most engaging entertainment applications. Media servers integrated with Scalable’s SDK may use the volumetric calibration in conjunction with a motion tracking system to achieve accurate image registration to a tracked object at up to 240 frames per second as the object moves freely within the space.

“The world’s most well-known entertainment and theme-park attractions have relied on cutting-edge projection mapping technology for nearly a decade,” said James Pietsch, director of global accounts for Scalable Display Technologies. “We are excited to debut this capability with 7thSense as one of Scalable’s longest partners in the attractions market and a company that constantly pushes the limits of display technology. As the boundaries of projection mapping are being pushed and tested, we recognize a unique opportunity to deliver a solution that automatically calibrates moving objects in real time. While some manufacturers have introduced this technology with a single projector, or through a time-consuming manual process, we have developed a solution for multiple projectors across a much larger area with much higher accuracy. We are excited to showcase Real-Time Projection Mapping, alongside 7thSense, during InfoComm 2023!”

Scalable will unveil the first deployment of Real-Time Projection Mapping API with 7thSense, a creative software and technology company, at InfoComm 2023. Scalable’s long-standing relationship with 7thSense began as an original media server partner. Today, 7thSense is a leader in providing media serving, pixel processing, and show control for the world’s leading entertainment and theme-park attractions. Together, Scalable and 7thSense recognized a unique shift in projection mapping for amusement rides and attractions, theme-park entertainment and cinematic shows.

Richard Brown, chief technology officer for 7thSense, explains, “We have developed technologies for projection mapped experiences for many years now. This latest collaboration with Scalable Display Technologies marks an exciting step change and a truly unique solution for projection mapping ‘on-the fly’ onto dynamic 3D objects. The opportunities are vast for highly immersive, engaging and interactive applications.”

Visit Scalable Display Technologies in booth 3917 at InfoComm 2023 from June 14–16, 2023, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. For more information on Scalable Display Technologies, please visit Keep up with the latest news from Scalable on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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