Explore the Collaboration between Dimensional Innovations and Scalable Display Technologies in the Creation of an Engaging Immersive Theater Experience with Advanced Projection and Calibration Solutions.

immersive theater multi projection

Founded in 1993, Dimensional Innovations is an experience design, build and technology firm providing clients with remarkable, human-centered experiences. Headquartered in Kansas City, with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Denver and Chicago, Dimensional Innovations unites a team of interior designers, graphic designers, engineers, architects, welders, painters, UX specialists and creative technologists. Their team has designed compelling brand experiences for some of the biggest and most dynamic brands, including AT&T, The Home Depot, SoFi Stadium, Cleveland Clinic, Las Vegas Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, Evel Knievel Museum, the Naval Academy and The Arizona Museum of Natural History.

To ensure Dimensional Innovations is able to continue producing cutting edge experiences for their clients, they have established an in-house team and multiple facilities for researching new products and experiential design approaches. One of these spaces is their Immersive Theater where Dimensional Innovations experiments with digital content technologies like virtual reality, projection mapping, immersive video, reactive content and more.

“The Immersive Theater is our digital test kitchen where we invite clients to preview video, content and display capabilities,” said Weston Owen, senior public relations and communications manager for Dimensional Innovations. “What they experience must be moving and powerful because it directly reflects our brand and capabilities, so we required a solution that operates smoothly and offers a variety of features. Oftentimes, our theater provides a glimpse of the final product the client will receive, so it’s very important for this experience to be impactful.”

Thom Boogher, AV operations manager for Dimensional Innovations, added, “Our Immersive Theater is a square room with round corners and features a four-projector, edge-blended display. The room’s unique shape required a projection solution that could seamlessly warp and blend the display. We previously used a warping and edge blending solution that posed challenges with our desired outcome, so we began searching for a new solution.”

“Scalable eliminated many of the typical projection mapping challenges by allowing us to import 3D models of our theater screen and easily calibrate the projectors,” explained Brandon Wood, director of engineering, research and development for Dimensional Innovations. “With Scalable, we can utilize a 3D model to define the theater shape and guide the warping and blending. Their camera-based automatic warping and blending is incredible. I was skeptical at first, but the technology is truly impressive. It’s the easiest experience I’ve had with warping and blending on a complicated screen.”

Scalable provides users with a unique technical advantage by pairing the highest pixel performance with quick, seamless calibration. Scalable’s software automatically warps and blends multiple projectors into one seamless display. It allows Dimensional Innovations to streamline installation, reduce downtime and create a reliable, long-term solution.

“The projectors can be easily calibrated by our engineers and eliminate downtime for a task that was traditionally completed manually,” noted Boogher. “Scalable has allowed us to take a system that relied on three separate machines and computers and reduce it to one. From a service perspective, Scalable it’s easier to deploy and limits unnecessary potential points of failure.”

Wood added, “Utilizing three computers to operate our theater was maddening. We constantly had to restart the computers for the equipment to communicate with each other. It required daily servicing, which was tedious and time-consuming. With Scalable, we have downsized our system to a single computer. It is nice to have one seamless software solution.”

Scalable has eliminated traditional obstacles for Dimensional Innovations. Prior to Scalable, Dimensional Innovations was limited to content, design and integration. As a result, Scalable has provided Dimensional Innovations with more flexibility.

“Scalable has provided us with additional flexibility. We can get more creative with the content we display, how we mount and hide the projectors and many other components that have enabled us to push traditional boundaries for our customers,” explained Boogher. “Everyone that has seen the capabilities has been blown away. We’re all very excited about it. The results are great. We have a few groups of clients to whom we’ve presented it, and it’s been awesome. It’s a very noticeable difference from the previous software.”

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